Vertical Presses
Custom plastic injection molded and insert molded parts can be used in a large variety of applications. Meeting ISO and aerospace specifications, our superior molding technology can be employed on miniature parts, as well as large, multi-component parts, to consistently serve the needs of diverse businesses, including maritime, automotive and communication industries.

Our plastic injection, insert and over molding services utilize a range of mold process techniques including gas-assisted, in-mold assembly (IMA), and two-shot molding. Machinery capacity ranges from 37 ton to 375 ton. Material choices cover a wide range, from acetal and nylon to polyester and thermoplastic.
Horizontal Presses
Gas Assisted:
Gas Assisted Injection Molding is a process where nitrogen gas is injected during the molding cycle, either through the sprue or directly into the mold tool. At a controlled high pressure, this has the benefit of overcoming sink marks or introducing a cavity without the requirement of a core.
In-Mold Assembly (IMA):
Allows a metal insert to be embedded in a molded part during a single operation leading to improved product structure and increased strength.
A process to manufacture solid parts which do not have any hollow cavitites.
Two Shot:
Two shot injection molding is the ability to produce complex moldings from two different polymers at the same time during one machine cycle. This has the benefit of creating moldings with more than one color, or with different materials combined in single molding process.